Open Windows — The Potter’s Field Project

Open Windows — The Potter’s Field Project: Mixed-media site-specific installation including found elements, 108" x 144" x 96", 2014

Open Windows is one of three installations from The Potter’s Field Project. Taking its name from the term for valueless areas of land turned into burial sites for the unknown, The Potter’s Field Project investigates the psychological implications of the unkempt through utilizing various alternative exhibition spaces around Tampa, such as abandoned buildings and foreclosed houses. By substituting the pristine venue of the gallery for the detritus strewn floors and walls of forgotten, unoccupied spaces, I not only more fully explored my conceptual investigation of the unkempt, but also deepened the dialogue between art and social space.  Artwork mingling with the things left behind by former owners and tenants becomes a poetic analogy that illuminates the wistful truths about struggle, identity, and the smoldering desire each of us has to somehow better our lives. Open Windows is installed in the basement space of a foreclosed home. Objects incorporated include found bed frame, found tarp, found glass slab, found PVC pips, and found chair.

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