Fragmented Domains

Fragmented Domains: Digital image, Digital screen, Web domain, Dimensions variable, 2017-2018

Beginning with images of hand-drawn computer glitches, this is a project that liberates web domains from being typical arenas of interactivity. Digital space is simplified to house nothing but a single image of a hand-drawn “glitch” that I created in Photoshop. This process re-imagines how users experience the internet into an uncomplicated visual experience, a form of new world site-seeing that also serves as modest antagonism against expectations.

The domain names are all isolated phrases taken out of Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus”.  Thus, I see this project as a rewrite of this classic novel in a modern format exactly two centuries after its original creation and publication. Remixing the text figuratively breathes new life into it via disjointed and scattered domain names that all come together into hybrid identity. This approach echoes the plot and motifs found in Shelley’s novel.

Each piece requires three components to be a legitimate permutation of “Fragmented Domains”: the image itself, the digital screen, and the domain name. Thus, the glitch images require the digital, wired platform to truly exist.

Please visit the following domains to view this project: