Hold Me Down

Hold Me Down, 2022

*This project is under development.*

“Hold Me Down” is one chapter from the Anthropocene Anthology.



“HOLD ME DOWN” SYNOPSIS: Told through the two warring perspectives, a mother and daughter struggle with one another’s view of the world and how each seeks to reconcile its impending ecological doom. Gail, our protagonist, is an astro-botonist of incredible accomplishment selected to lead a humanity-saving mission to colonize Mars. We follow her downward spiral fueled by scientific hubris as she pioneers methods to remove plants from nature and embed them into technology. Her own achievements are plagued by memories of her nameless mother – a surprisingly whimsical and airy antagonist whom Gail feels superior to and frustrated by. Her emotional confrontation of this relationship (as well as the ecological context bubbling under the surface) results in Gail’s psychological deterioration deep in outer space.



Please enjoy the video clip below, but please note this is a work in progress. There is no audio or narration on this clip at this time and animation is all rough-cut. Finished videos coming soon!


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