The Triangles Through the Leaves

The Triangles Through the Leaves: Site-specific installation, including murals, Each mural measures approx. 155" x 125", 2015

All of the wall paintings in The Triangles Through the Leaves come out of a varied, multi-layered exploration of creation stories, both in an anthropological sense and in a scientific sense. As pictorial elements, scientific cosmological models, such as the big bang theory, can coexist seamlessly with anthropological story-telling, where various fables on how a given environment was created, or how it would be prophesied to be destroyed in the future, are often born out of chaos and violence. I am interested in ever expanding vocabularies, where repetitive shapes, patterns, lines, grids, gradients, etc, can speak to a certain timeframe and how glitches and irregularities in these expanding vocabularies open up divergent histories. Explaining things through this non-representational, geometrical framework is also something one can see throughout the world of science and the tribal attempt to illustrate myth.

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